K20 Series

K20 Series

The K20 series is Hi-Target’s next-generation multi-GNSS, multi-frequency receiver providing scalable service to marine and construction users with position and heading or pure high precision position for variant applications, with the capability of L-Band correction and multiple I/O interface for versatile data communication.

Product Information

New Generation Advanced GNSS RTK Engine

Shared with the same platform as the Hi-Target’s most advanced GNSS engine, its flexible satellite signal management helps you get more accurate solutions and provides 20 percent improved performance for position and heading in challenging GNSS environments.

Enhance the Stability

Hi-Target Hi-Fix enables continuous connectivity and quality results even if you lose the signal while using the RTK base station or VRS network, so the scenarios have been greatly extended with stability enhanced.

Easy Operation & Connection

Status and operation can be easily done with the control panel on the front side while there are plenty of physical ports to output the required data at the rear side for different purposes.

Hi-RTP & Other PPP Services Available

K20 can provide high precision position and accuracy heading information in remote areas like ocean and desert where internet and radio communication are not available by satellite-based PPP services such as Hi-RTP, Omnistar, RTX, etc.
*This function is only available on the K20 professional version.


Standby Power for Harsh Environment

Three-hour duration power reserved in the receiver as a standby source to support the work in urgent case when external power is unexpectedly suspended.

Hi-RTP & Other PPP Services Available

K20 position version provides precise coordinate result that fits most of the surveying scenarios while K20 position & heading version offers the high precision heading of the moving vehicle that carries the receiver with dual antennas. Users who work in the remote areas that require satellites signal corrections may choose K20 professional version as the reliable partner with position and heading information output.