VNet 6 Plus

The VNet6 is built on HI-TARGET’s sophisticated GPS/GNSS technology, combined with HI-TARGET’s many years of experience and knowledge in establishing CORS/VRS system and monitoring system. The VNet6 is embedded with Linux operation system to support multi-user, multi-task and multi-platform operation with complete system.

Key features
1. Support GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALLILEO(Reserved)
2. Advance performance with internal battery and WiFi communication
3. Hi-Target ZnetVRS software with TotalStarTM all constellation technology
4. Fully compatible with current Reference System

Detail advantage functions
1. Brand New housing and multiple I/O interface enhance the stability and functional expansionary.
2. High speed micro CPU, 64GB internal flash storage and 12500mAh internal baterry provide you better user experience.
3. Embedded OS firewall and encrypted communication ensure data privacy and seurity.
4. TotalStar TM constellation VRS technology and high precision error correction technology support longer baseline processing and reliable correction data.
5. Designed as perfect member of distributed system, making the CORS system support large-scale network and massive online users.


Hi-Target Vnet6 Plus >> PDF >> 27-07-2016


Not available


VNet6 Plus Firmware V1.0.4 >> ZIP >> 01-04-2017


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