Digital Theodolite DT 202

Large screen with high brightness background.
Absolute angle encoder system
BONUS diagonal eye piece

– Laser and Collimation Axis – Coaxial
– Visible Laser Point
– Intelligent Calibration
– Absolute Encoding, Accuracy 2″
– Dual Side Large Back-lit LCD
– Laser Plummet
– Laser Visible Up to 200 Meters
Angle Measurement
Accuracy: 2″
Reading system: Absolute encoding
Minimum reading: 1″ /5″/10″/20″(Selectable)
Diameter of circle (VHz): 79mm

Image: Erect
Magnification: 30x
Tube length: 150mm
Objective lens: 45mm
Field of view: 1°20′
Resolving power: 4″
Minimum focusing distance: 2m
Stadia ratio: 100
Stadia constant: 0

LCD display type: Dual side back-lit LCD

Data Interface
Serial communication: RS-232

Display: Yes
Reticle: Yes

Tilt sensor: Liquid-electric vertical detection
Compensating range: ±3′
Laser Plummet
Accuracy: 1mm/1.5m
Level Sensitivity
Plate level: 30″/2mm
Circular level: 8′/2mm

Power Supply
Battery type: Rechargeable Ni-H battery
Operating time: 10 hours

Weight: 4.6kg

Operating temperature: -20℃~﹢50℃
Water & dust protection: IP54

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