iBoat BM1 Series Unmanned Surface Vehicle

The Hi-Target iBoat series USV with robust hull design and protective ducted propellers provides an entirely new option for high-resolution shallow-water hydrographic survey.Installed with multiple sensors,iBoat series USV could be controlled remotely to execute planned tasks with the help of satellites positioning.

Key Features
1.Stable trimaran design with ducted propellers
2.Available for multiple sonar instrumentations
3.Video transmission and obtacle avoidance
4.Digital and simulative echo signals combined

Detail Advantage Functions
1 Hull module

1)Trimaran design shape with portable size
2)Kevlar&carbon high-strength composite
3)Propellers with ducted design and protective shield
4)Remote video and obtacle avoidance

2 Sounding module
1)Professional HD-MAX sounding module range from 0.15~300m
2)Digital and simulative echo signals combined
3)Independent HiMAX software available for collecting,guiding and post-processing

3 Application
1)Underwater topographic survey
2)Underwater landscape survey
3)Hydrographic survey
4)Water quality monitoring

Hull Parameters
Dimensions : 1800mm x 840mm x 480mm
Weight of base boat : 30KG
Hull material : Kevlar & carbon biber high-strength composite
Boat shape : Trimaran design, low barycenter, small resistence, stable sailing
Anti-wave & wind : 5th win level and 3rd wave level

Power and Electrical Parameters
Battery endurance : 6 hours at 2m/s(Optional high-capacity battery for 10 hours above)
Top speed : 3.5m/s
Propulsion : Brushless DC outdrivers
Propeller type : One primary and two assistant propellers with ducted design
Direction control : Veering without steering engine and sailing reversely

Safety Guarantee
Obstacle-avoiding : Automatic ultrasonic obstacle-avoiding
Vedio : Transmission in real time
Auto-return : Auto-return while low battery or dropped signal

Ashore Base
Operating system : Supporting Windows and Android(Laptop or pad available depending on necessity)
Communicating mode : RF point to point in real time
Transmission distance : Wireless bridge 2Km ( 5Km、10Km、15Km optional)
Navigation mode : Manual or autopilot, switchover at any time

Sounding Performance
Work frequency : 200KHz
Beam angle : 5°±0.5°
Sounding range : 0.15~300m
Sounding resolution : 1cm±0.1h ( h=depth ), 1cm depth resolution

Location Accuracy
RTK : Horizontal : ±8mm+1ppm RMS ; Vertical : ±15mm+1ppmRMS
Beacon ( optional ) : 0.5m ( 1δ )
SBAS : 1.0m CEP

System Software
Hull control system : Autopilot, hull parameter control, coordinate conversion etc
HiMAX sounding software : Supporting parameter configuration, coordinate conversion, depth location collecting, post-processing ( simulative depth and digital depth combined for conveniently judging false depth ), sampling feature point randomly, RTK and tide document for tidegauging, multiple data formats for consequence output etc

Intelligent Controller
Communicating mode : RF point to point in real-time
Reacting distance : 2Km
Waterproof grade : IP65
Function : Work mode switch in real-time, basic information display of USV in real-time, velocity and direction control of USV

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